Club Penguin Cheats

Game Guides

This page is designed to help you make the most coins the fastest and get the most coins on games.

The Do’s and Dont’s

1. Cart Surfer
2. Bean Counters
3. Pizzatron 300
4. Catching Waves

Astro Barrier
Hot Ice
Puffle Round Up
All other multiplayer games

Cart Surfer Guide

First of all, the best color to be to play this game is black. Black will slow you down so you will have more time to score points! My strategy to get the most coins possible, is to do down space, then space left/right. Keep on doing that but when you get to a curve, do down left. But what to avoid doing is doing that too long. After you make the turn, as soon as you can, stop doing that and go back to down space, space left/right. Doing it too long is actually going to lower your score. Doing the pattern above will get you 180 points every time you do both, while doing the curve one will get you about 70 coins, and wasting area that you could be getting more points on. Be sure to finish with no lives left for this will help you. This will get you at least 400 coins every go if you get this down correctly. Here are diargrams on what to do.

Bean Counter Guide

In bean counter, being careful and steady with the mouse is the key. What I do is stay back near the place were you put the beans. Stick there for awhile until the beans come. When the bags come, this is were the careful and steadiness comes in. As quickly as you can, being careful not to hit anything other than bags, go in and get them. The safest way is, if your quick, get one at a time. You can also get more when you get more skilled at this game, but doing this my way is quickness. Even if you play conservative, still, try to save up your lives because you will get a bonus 60 coins at the end to add to your salary.

Pizzatron 3000 Guide

First, you will need to know how to get pizza mode. Open the main menu then look in the northeast part of the machine then click the switch as shown below.

Now, you have a tough decision to make. You can do regular mode, easier but not as much money. Or you can do candy mode, tougher but more money to make. If you are a pro at this game, do candy mode because you have a potential 1000 coins in the same time you could make less money on the regular one. Beginners, stick to regular mode while building up your skill. Then you can go to candy mode, getting you lots of coins! I am not that good at Pizzatron 3000 (probably the only game I’m not that good at). I will edit this guide when I get help from the master, Captisaac!

I will edit this more later.

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