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Making Animations can be easy and fun in this little guide I put together for all you penguins out there. The basics that you will need to know to make animations are how to take pictures. See my guide on the other subpage (coming soon). This guide will tell you the basic way to make so called “Animated Gifs’” and how to make even more advanced, “Move Animations. I will point out the difference later in this guide. I hope this helps, if it does, please leave positive feedback. If not, ask questions, I can most likely answer them. I hope you have fun making animations!!!

Basic Animated Gifs – Way One

This is the easy way to make animations. But, it will also come out with bad quality. This is the way to make it if you are not allowed to download things on your computer. This is saves you no time, but the good thing is this way you can do it as many times as you want, without a 30 day free trial, w/e better quality.

Here we go. Take up to 5 pictures. Save them in any file you want, just make sure you can find them easy, or this might take long. Then go to Once there, go to the side panel and click on “Make Gif Animations”. Upload all files you want onto there, then click upload, after a little while, it will upload. Copy the link then save it or copy it to your site.

Basic Animated Gifs – Way Two

Okay, this way the quality will be better. But please note there will require a download and a 30 day free trial. When I had this about a year ago, I could still use it after 30 days, but maybe they fixed that. Note as well there will be a watermark at the top left saying, “AdGif – Unregistered”. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. It makes up for good quality.

Ok, google “AdGif – Unregistered” until you find a download link for it. *LINK COMING SOON*. Once downloaded, do all that is prompted until it is downloaded. Open it up and select which option you want. Upload the files that you saved for the picture. Once you are done, you can edit it and whatnot. Then go to “File” and “Save As”. Once saved, go to your website and upload like a normal picture.

“Movie Animations”

This one will require downloads as well. What I call Movie Animations are animations that record stuff off the internet, instead of using pictures. It comes out with great quality and label/watermark.

Download Catasia Studio 5 by googling it. Once found, download it and do what is prompted. Once downloaded, open it up and something will pop up saying record —- so and so. Click on the top left one. Then go on Club Penguin, select what the area you would like to record, and then press “Record”. Do what you want then click “Stop” on the window. A new window will pop up and it will show you what you recorded. Click “Save” on that window then a new window will come up and click the middle option, “Produce in a shareable format.” Do what you are prompted and click the bottom selections on the next windows you see. Then, upload it to your site.

Animation Guide, Copyright Skamper36, 2005 – 2008



  1. why dont you make them with camtasia studio5 did you triel expire

    Comment by Tompot123 — July 30, 2008 @ 7:30 pm

  2. Cool! Thx!

    Comment by Kacheek951 — September 2, 2008 @ 1:35 am

  3. Hey i am going to have a party at saturday on grizzly please come

    Comment by billyaris — September 15, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

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