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August 8, 2008

Rockhopper and Scavenger Hunt and Stage

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Update: I got Sony Vegas 7.0 for FREE! Woot!


Lots of new stuff came out today and I have the cheats for it!


Rockhopper is back! If you didnt already know, there is a secret in the Catalog. Click the Steering Wheel for the Life Ring.

To get to the Scavenger Hunt, click the boat in the top right corner of the screen:

Here is the menu:

Scavenger Hunt Cheat Guide:

    The first boat is located at the Mine Shack in the water.


    The second boat is located over the buoys in the Cove.


    The third boat is at the Coffe Shop, in a bucket of water at the counter.


    The fourth boat is at the Beach wedged between the rocks. Click on it once to get it out of the rocks, then again to claim it.


    The fifth boat is in the Pool. It is floating around in the windows, so it could be in any of the three.


    The sixth boat is at the Puffle Shop in a bowl of water.


    The seventh boat is at the Dock hidden under the dock. First, you will need to click it once to get it out from the dock, then you may click again to claim it.


    The eight and final boat is at the Iceburg, sinking to the left.

    After, open up the menu again and click “Build the Blueprint”

    If your not sure how to do it, here are the answers:

    Then, You can claim your prize!

    Also, the New Stage is out!

    Some of the images look blurry because I accidently saved them as .jpg.




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    7. Hey! Of course I can help u 😀
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      Anyways I can explain it with my own words. Well basically u put two clips beside each other. Then u drag the clip that is after on top of the one one before. The time should appear. usually I do 1 second. Cyaaaa

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