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June 19, 2008


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The new newspaper is here!

First, I just wanna say that if you move all the pictures on the Summer page, the second to last one looks like it might be a Gamma Girl play again.

Aunt Arctic is all about rainbow puffles and tour guides. All the stuff most people already know. If you didn’t know, don’t waste your time sending in. Club Penguin just makes the questions on. They make up random names and answer them.

The Sports Section is about this tour guide who is a personal gym trainer or something. I didn’t take the time to read it lol 🙂

The Events page says the updates tomorrow but look at this picture under Clothing Catalog:

There is a review of the Summer Party. I don’t really like it though.


You know the Club Penguin Team. They make new items on random days in the summer party. Who knows, they could bring back one of the rarest items tomorrow. They probably will without warning 😡 You know they always do that so watch out. I hope they make a cool new one rather than making a really old cool one. Thats is NOT fair.


In other news, the lei will come back to Club Penguin, almost 99.99% sure its the blue one. The other one is cool but that would be stupid to release that after keeping it rare that long.

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