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June 6, 2008

Some new stuff

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On the Club Penguin Blog they posted some new stuff. They made a video and posted some stuff on what they did with our money from coins for change. Watch it now!There is also some more news on the CP blog……

The sneak peak for the new party is out! Here is the pic the CP team gave us:

Im pretty sure that it is a water party like last year. The party is June 13 thru the 18th, but it should still be a blast. Depending on the amount of people I can get, I might have a summer party. Just to kick the summer off. But my parties are pretty boring last time I had one last…. July I think?

Well, as you know, it IS Thursday. Know what that means? Newspaper time.

-On June 13th, the new stage will be set up. The Newspaper describes it as “A play of prehistoric proportions”. The picture makes it look like this guy with watches on his ha goes back in time or something. Idk.

-Go to the page called “The Summer Sneak Peak”. Then mouse over the names and it will give you some clues as to what CP has up their sleeves this summer. When you click on the crooked pics on that page the get strait. Wonder what that could mean?

Last Note: Looking thru the telescope, still no site of Rockhopper. CP says he will be back in June. If you look at the CP events, none of them says anything about RH. The events go to June 27 so either he will be coming towards the end of the month, or a surprise visit! What do you think?

-Skamper36, Peace

P.S. I couldnt get music on my Move Along vid so Im making a new one of the song Back in Black since I have the cd for that, I just gotta find it. Im almost done with it.


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