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June 6, 2008

New Pin and Cataloge

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It is Friday and the updates are out! The Cataloge brought back LOTS of old items and only a few new ones. It wasn’t that great. When you mouse over the colors at the begining of the page, the penguin to the left will change color. Some of my really rare items came back but they came back last year too and now this year. That’ll always happen to me. Im working on getting an animation. I made one im just having lil trouble uploading it. Click below to see it, but it will transport you away from here.

Click here to view the animation!

New Calaloge

Here is a list of all the new items and prices:

Sarong – 400c
Blue Flower Flip Flops – 160c
Pink Snorkle – 200c
Pink Flippers – 200c
All Girl Swimsuites – 300c
All Boy Swimsuites – 250c
Aviator Sunglases – 200c
Green Flip Flops – 150c

You Like Secrets? I got lots of em’

Click on the penguins overalls to get the cheesy necktie.

Click on the Knight’s belt to get the Woodsman’s Hat.

Click on the Green Flower Flip Flops for the Red Vikings Helm. Click 4x more for the blue one.

For some reason I cant get picture of this but, click on the thing on the Penguin Diver guy’s in the middle.

Here are the new backgrounds. The top left one is a first release, the top right and bottom left were around when I first joined. The bottom left is kinda old, not really tho.

Btw, the new pin is in Forest on a tree.

Go to the Comunity section of and there is some new stuff there. Now they have a little part in the top left corner so you can see PST time without being on Club Penguin. There is also a featured igloo their. This is what Billybob says:

In other news: You may have noticed a couple updates to the Community section of the website. A clock set to Penguin Standard Time was added to help you and your friends plan to meet up–at the same time! And starting this week, a different igloo will be featured that shows lots of creativity and imagination. To have your igloo considered all you have to do is decorate it. Let us know what you think of the first featured igloo!



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