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June 2, 2009


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IMPORTANT NOTE: It would be much appreciated if everyone could go to

And click the links shown on that site. If you do you dont know how much help you would be. Once you click the link just hit the back button.

Since summers here im finally back 🙂 Ive been gone so long but schools gotten so hard I couldnt update. Sorry to everyone. But now that schools almost over I have no commitments except to have fun so I can now update Club Penguin again. Sorry I couldnt read all the comments yet, but i saw one from Blackd Boy and the answer iz everything can go back to normal. I really want to make music videos again but my other computers charger broke and that has Sony Vegas on it so I cant make it anymore. Well ill work on the CSS and other stuff for now, post other stuff later.

Skamper36 (back)


December 20, 2008

Christmas Party

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NEW NEWS: Uhhh, I guess I made a video.

Hehe. Sorry im a little late with the post but as the old adage goes, “Better late then never”. So here it is:

The pin is located in the Ski Village, over the fireplace


The santa hat is in the Snow Fort


The Santa Beards are located in the Ski Village


There are some new books in the Book Room


They are on the table upstairs


—–Things You Can Expect Before January 1st—-

  • Trading Card codes and Item code giveaway
  • New Music Video
  • New Page about Ninjas
  • New group about Ninjas



PS: Remember how I gave you a hint about a new website? Well im releasing it today. Its not done yet but the address is:

December 15, 2008


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Sorry I havent posted the new update. I was very busy and will try to get it up as soon as possible. But until then, here is a non related Club Penguin post:

This is about my dog, Maxie. She is an eight year old white schnauzer. She had lime disease and was probably abused before we adopted her. We had to drive three hours in a storm to get her. She was really fat and lazy then but now she is better. Here is a picture of her:


Thank you for understanding that I have been busy I will try to post soon.


December 8, 2008

Music Video

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Okay, here is my newest music video on Sony Vegas. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!


In The Name,

December 6, 2008

Clothing Catalog

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The new pin is at the Pet Shop on the …. the …. thing.


The new catalog is out. I would be more excited if I was a member, but for all the members out there, there is some cool stuff. There are four cheats this time:

Cheat #1

Click on all four lights on the bottom row of the Christmas  Tree.


Cheat #2

Click on the Tree in the left corner.


Cheat #3

Click on the lighthouse in the far corner of the page.


Cheat #4

Click on the Pink Flipper on the Clearance page.


Thats all. Bye

In The Name,


November 28, 2008

New Sports Catalog

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Well, there is nothing real big out. In the catalog they have hockey skates and figure skates and they arent the same as my hockey skates! Yay! Here are the costs of the (new new) items:
Purp. Figure Skating Dress 450 c
Figure Skates 300 c
Hockey Skates 300 c

The cool thing is now you can now wear the rescue team clothes and hold up a sign that says “Rescue Squad”


Well, that is all rlly. Check out my YouTube channel at

In The Name,


November 27, 2008

New Newspaper

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NOTE: Miss Murder is out! Audio is removed due to copyright infrigment.

Okay. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving. Second of all the new newspaper is out! Yay! Who is excited!?! *cricket noises*

Look, isnt the front cover so amusing?


Oh, and look. Club Penguin went even as far to interveiw a non playing computer! Wow!


Well, there is really nothing else of interest here, about the newspaper, so lets move on!

———- Unrelated Stuff ———-

Polls: Just a heads up, polls end after 75 votes have been made. If you havent voted yet, they are in the post below. Make sure to vote!

Production Group: Well, Gaararug is being quite ignorant about the group saying, “No, lets finish the one we are working on,” instead of doing the one for the group. So, either he listens or hes O – U – T out!.

YouTube: Im working on my channel and still trying to upload Miss Murder. I dont think its going to be up anytime soon. Check it out at

Site News: The site is going great! Keep telling your friends! The more hits, the better your experiance on this site will be!

Note: Don’t think by this post I dont like Club Penguin. I do like Club Penguin, its just I could care less about the newspaper.

In The Name,


November 24, 2008

I. Am. Back.

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I. Am. Back. To. Club. Penguin.

This is a picture of me:


I am back. I will post more often. Gaararug may be an author here. Please vote in this poll:

Also, me and Gaararug and maybe Blackd Boy are making a production group. The positions are as follows:

  • Skamper36: Editor and Lyrics
  • Gaararug: Lyrics
  • Blackd Boy47: Lyrics

Please vote in this poll:

Please also vote in this poll about who should be centered in out group picture:

Also, please watch these videos. They are my brother and his band at his schools talent show. He is the one im the middle with the blue shirt (the main gutair player).

Please Watch These:

J & the Hoots: Power Ranger Theme Song

J & the Hoots: Cross Cover

J & the Hoots: Other Song: (my brother wrote this one)

In The Name,


September 22, 2008


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Srry I didnt have a chance to post reacently, Ive been so busy. If you found this, you can find the next hint/

Today, I saw a beta test. His name is “Gertalbulb” 🙂

And btw, I am going to be making a new site soon! (There is a little hint on what its about somewhere in this post!

Hint 2: Check a page under construction.

September 12, 2008


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Hey guys!

Here is the normal pin at the dock:

There is a secret pin at the Stage. To get it, you have to click these things in this order:

  1. File Cabinet
  2. Garbage Can
  3. Book
  4. Vase
  5. Picture
  6. Safe

Click on the knob in the catalog

When you click the knob, you can get a Detective Suit


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